Welcome to the SayIntentions.AI Beta!

Access to the demo area expires 24 hours after your first ATC comm!

(VFR / U.S. Coverage Only -- for now)

(Demo account will reset every 1-3 months as we make progress, so you can keep checking back).

After your trial period expires, you can upgrade at any time for $29.95/mo (or $299.95/yr)

See the FAQ for a full explanation on pricing.

Thank you for joining the SayIntentions.AI Beta. I'm excited to have you here! There are a few really important things you’ll need to understand before you dive in.

Please read all of this... PLEASE! (I’m literally begging, because I’m the kind of person who doesn’t read this kind of stuff).

  1. This is PRE-RELEASE quality software right now. It’s going to behave in unexpected ways at times. Working out the problems won’t be an issue, but it takes awareness of those problems first. So we need your help in finding them. This is an astonisghingly difficult project, and that means there are KNOWN problems. Lots of them. I’m not going to list them all here, but I’ll list the ones that are most important to know about. (I’ll also list the ones that are most annoying to me personally, and that I’m working on fixing first).
  2. This is VFR, general aviation only. I actually have NO IDEA what the AI would do if you attempted to tell if you wanted to fly an IFR flight. But it definitely won’t actually work. Strong preference right now is to fly something that’s not a jet. Other than that, anything goes.
  3. Your callsign is really important. Make sure you choose what you will be referring to yourself as (and what you want ATC to call you) in the settings. Example: Skyhawk N121AC. The callsign really does need to match what you’re actually flying or the AI can get confused. (Tail number doesn’t matter, but the model of the aircraft does). Make sure you enter a valid U.S. tail number: basically anything that starts with N and has at leat 3 numbers, followed by 2 more letters/numbers, but no more than 5. (N121AC is typical). You can't use "0" or "I".
  4. Follow real-world comms You need to do things the way you would in a real setting. For example, at a busy airport, you (1) Dial up ATIS, set your altimeter, note the letter. (2) Call clearance (skip this if your airport doesn’t have clearance), (3) call ground for taxi, (4) contact tower once you’re at the hold short point, (5) take your handoff to departure, etc… If you have absolutely no idea how to do any of this, or what to say, the results are going to be a little more unpredictable. (That said, it’ll sure try to accommodate).
  5. If you want to test that it’s all working Fire up the app. Fire up the sim. Start everything up and tune to the local Tower frequency for wherever you are, hold down your transmit button and call for a radio check. Example: “Springville Tower, this is Skyhawk one-two-one-alpha-charlie, requesting a radio check”. You should get a response back within 2-3 seconds.
  6. Voice recognition: You may notice that the voice recognition doesn’t appear to be very good at knowing what you’re saying. Ignore the first pass. The AI is remarkably good at figuring out what you said. You can speak normally, and speak as fast as you want. (This is where AI really shines).
  7. Time to get a response: This is one area we’re working to improve, but enormous efforts are needed to achieve small results. You may notice a 10-15 second delay between the time you transmit, and the time you get an answer back. This is normal, and we’re working on it. (That said, it’s not unusual for delays like that to occur in a real ATC setting).
  8. Transponder: you need to know how to use it, and know that if it tells you to “Squawk Mode C”, that’s ATC-speak for, “set it to ALT mode”. Squawk VFR (1200) unless otherwise told. Just like a real-world pilot. Some airplanes in the sim don't support Mode-C. You can force it on in the settings of the app if you need to.
  9. If you encounter a bug, key the transmitter and say “DEBUG: ... whatever you want to say...” – that way it stands out in the logs. Ignore whatever the controller says back.
  10. Traffic (Injected, AI, or otherwise): The long story short of it is that it will give you traffic advisories (radar services) if you're in controlled airspace of you're under flight following. That part is actually super cool, you'll hear something like, "Diamond 6788B, traffic at your two o-clock, Cessna Citation at 4,500"... (and of course, you reply once you've got the traffic in site). I've got "traffic no factor" on my to-do list for next week. (Basically, if you don't acknowledge you've got a visual on them, they'll tell you when you don't have to worry about it anymore).

    This part works really well.

    Where it all falls apart is being able to PREDICT what the other traffic is doing. For example, I'm using FSLTL for experimenting with this, and I've got it all working right now where if you're holding short of a runway and you ask for takeoff clearance, if there's another plane on final, the controller will tell you to "hold short, aircraft type on a 3 mile final.".... etc.... But... most of the time, the airplane will simply DISAPPEAR before it ever arrives!!......... Or you'll be taxiing and a plane will suddenly appear in front of you, or you'll be taking off and a plane will spawn on the runway, etc..

    Put another way -- MSFS has no way to tell me what the path or plan of any other aircraft in the sky is... so I have to guess what they're doing. That's okay.. I can do that reasonably well....... But if they're just going to spawn randomly out of nowhere, or suddenly disappear, that's a real problem.

    We know how to solve this, but it will involve injecting our own traffic. We've got this planned for v2.

    So for now... you get traffic advisories and that's it. But this is one area I really wish Asobo would address. (Unfortunately, there's nothing related to traffic on any of their near-term roadmaps, from what I can tell).

  11. Taxi Instructions:

    1) It will call out runway crossings, but only if you cross the edge of a runway. If your taxi instructions bring you right through the center of a runway, it won't acknowledge there's a runway there. This is a HARD problem to solve, but I will get it solved in the next 1-2 weeks. For now, I figured having correct paths in your taxi instructions was probably more important than this.

    2) The FAA doesn't publish locations of airport parkings. So if you say, "I'd like to taxi to the transient parking", the AI has absolutely no way of knowing where that is. So.. it'll do it's best to send you to a general aviation area.

    3) To help solve #2... you can login to the pilot portal and go to the "POI" page. This will let you add "points of interest", such as VFR reporting points, or parking areas. You just need the lat/lon of that location (you can get it from google maps, just right click on that spot and copy/paste the lat/lon coordinates). Give it the name you will be referring to it as, and voila.. now the AI can direct you properly to that area.

  12. "Chatter": This is important.. the chatter is completely made up and basically "pre-recorded". Once we solve some of the problems with how MSFS handles traffic (see above), we'll be able to do a lot more with this. But for now, it's just random chatter. (I'm working on a way to make it sound more "real" by having it use the same voice as the controller, but that's a ways off). The chatter is also a little "dumb" right now. It doesn't know what you're doing, or what the other traffic is doing. So it'll say things like, "Cessna 1234, cleared for takeoff runway 20L, traffic on a 3 mile final".... even if there's no traffic on a 3 mile final. (Again, this is a limitation of MSFS, not the AI). But it's still pretty cool to hear it.

    I recognize that this is all stupid and lame. (Though it does add surprisingly to the immersion). Fixing the chatter and making it awesome is a high priority for me. Stay tuned on this one.

  13. Ready to get started? Okay.. you read this whole thing, right? After you've setup your username and password, you can login to the Pilot Portal here to download the client: https://SayIntentions.ai/portal/download/.

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Terms of Service - SayIntentions.AI

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14. Prohibited Use

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