Announcements / What's New

  • Celebrity Air Traffic Controllers (Feb 22, 2024): The Kennedy Steve Experience Comes to SayIntentions [Press release]
  • TourGuide (Feb 10, 2024): Receive an interactive tour from the guide of your choice, who sits in the cockpit with you and provides incredible insights into the things you're seeing. Tune COM2 to 123.45 once you're off the ground to give it a try! (Seriously, this will completely change the way you view VFR flying!)Settings
  • Demo Area Expanded (Feb 8, 2024): The "Demo Area" is no more. You can now fly any aircraft anywhere during your 24-hour demo period!
  • ICAO / World-Wide Support Update (Feb 5, 2024): We recently added every airport worldwide, including all runways, and all frequencies. We've also added ICAO phraseology support (mostly correct as of right now). So you can fly anywhere in the world.

    Coming in a week or two, I'll have all the airspace data loaded as well, which means handoffs and flight followings will work properly. Note that all flights outside of the United States are considered HIGHLY experimental right now, and may or may not work properly. But we're making rapid progress!

  • "IFR Light" Update (Feb 2, 2024): The beginning stages of IFR support is now in the works. IFR is far from "supported", but you can now import a flight plan from SimBrief, and pick up your clearance. Handoffs and phraseology changes mostly work. We have tons more work to do on this, but it's coming!
  • MultiPlayer (Jan 18, 2024): Hear other SayIntentions Pilots in your vicinty, and even talk back and forth with them. Especially fun at CTAF airports!
23 Active Flights    [Track and Listen Live]
Pilot Aircraft Approx. Location From/To Talking to
kingsupreeme $$:SF50 N 25 miles West of MKBS (Ian Fleming International Airport - Boscobel, JM-05) at 3,500 ft MUHA to MKJS MKJS Tower on 118.75
Higgs Boson $$:SF50 N8986W Unknown to ? MDPP Ground on 121.9
Tom B B789 N at 39,000 ft KLAS to EHAM CENTER Center on 132.1
OneToBeamUp B314 NBoeing Cl 20 miles Northwest of NFTF (Fua'amotu International Airport - Nuku'alofa, TO-04) at 6,000 ft to ? Unknown on 124.85
Brian S N172BG Unknown to ?
Jingle Stream NOK-UUA 9 On the ground at KBFL KSBP to KMHV KBFL Ground on 121.7
Richard (RJ RamJet) 737 N6913W On the ground at KSNA to KTRK KSNA Ground on 120.8
nofallsanitoter ATCCOM.AC_MODEL_B773.0.text N��� Unknown to LOWW Unknown on 118.3
kevinmdavis2010 737 N217KD On the ground at KMKE to KJFK KMKE Clearance on 120.8
Tony N245KA Unknown to ?
Mikko M ATCCOM.AC_MODEL DV20.0.text NL9MI On the ground at KTRK KTRK to KTRK KTRK Ground on 118.3
Mine Mine Comanche NMINE at 7,500 ft KFLG to KGCN 40G Approach on 124.85
capt_cavok NPTRAG Unknown to ?
Timesupernova Warrior NG-LEOD 6 miles East of FD83 (Stout Airport - Kissimmee, FL) at 2,000 ft KMLB to KISM KISM Tower on 124.45
Joel S Comanche N6229P 2 miles East of EGHA (Compton Abbas Aerodrome - Shaftesbury, GB-ENG) at 2,000 ft to ? Unknown on 124.85
Tor S ATCCOM.AC_MODEL NORSEMAN.0.text NOR Unknown to ? Unknown on 120.0
Max N ND-GHYL Unknown to ?
peterp Bonanza N294PW 8 miles Northeast of 58FD (Southerly Airport - Dundee, FL) at 2,500 ft X06 to KXMR KGIF Approach on 120.65
Micky_aussie DA62 NOO-CAT Unknown to EBSH EBBR Clearance on 121.955
Titans3925 N24JNS Unknown to ?
daza1010 Bonanza NG-DARR 4 miles Southeast of 01FA (Rybolt Ranch Airport - Orlando, FL) at 2,000 ft KORL to KMLB KORL Approach on 135.3
Loohi Caravan NLD87 at 1,500 ft KSLI to KSNA KSNA Tower on 119.9
tony_flyingarvey TBM9 NG-ARVY On the ground at KMFR to ? O46 Approach on 124.85

A Note from Brian

Exciting news for all aviation enthusiasts out there!

We've embarked on a thrilling journey with our project, and guess what? We've hit a major milestone – it's time for our first release! Our vision was clear: to create something that's not just comprehensive but also undeniably more enjoyable to use than flying solo. And yes, we've tackled the challenge of making "live" ATC less intimidating too.

Here's the big reveal: We now fully support Class-B, C, and D airspaces, offer flight followings, radar services, traffic advisories, closed-traffic pattern work, ATIS, TRACON, ARTCC, VFR transition routes, and flight plans. Every airport in the USA is covered, and we're here for you 24x7.

But that's not all. We bring you custom voices at various airports, and some controllers even come with their own unique personalities! We're integrating real-world procedures and noise-abatement requirements at select airports, enhancing the authenticity of your experience. Ever wanted ATC to guide you using familiar landmarks? We've got you covered. And if you're ever unsure, just ask – our ATC is ready to assist with vectors.

Our "Student Pilot" mode is a game-changer. It's designed for learning, offering extra guidance and patience from controllers. Unsure of what to say? Just speak up, and our ATC will help you out.

This product is a marvel, yet, like all great things, it's not flawless. However, its current state is highly immersive and stress-free. We're diligently refining the last 10% to achieve near perfection.

With that said, we're now live and in our "paid beta" stage. We no longer have a wait-list!

While we're in our "paid-beta" stage (which we will be for a while), the price will be $29.95/mo (or $299.95/yr). Our goal will always be to keep the price as minimal as possible. Modern AI stacks all come with usage-based pricing, and we use multiple AI platforms and vendors to complete the (insanely good) experience, but this also means that we incur cost every time you fly. However, we are committed to two things. (1) We have no intentions of getting wealthy from this project. Our goal is to cover our costs, and maybe give us enough leftover to buy a new scenery pack from the marketplace every now and again. (2) We will continue to lower the price as the costs of these services decrease.

We understand the importance of "try before you buy," so once you're approved to join us, you can fly for free in our demo area around Lake Tahoe/Reno, Nevada. It's a great way to get a feel for it, before you buy!

So, gear up for an exhilarating future in aviation simulation. Questions? Curiosities? We're all ears and ready to dive into discussions!

Welcome aboard, and let's soar into this new era together!


No menus. No buttons. No kidding.

Real pilots don't use "menus", and neither should you. Dial-up ground and tell them you're ready to taxi! Nothing is scripted or pre-determined.

Powered by GPT-4

A combination of GPT-4 and our own secret sauce make you feel like you're talking to a real human. Hundreds of voices available, all trained with the cadence and speaking style of real ATC.

Online 24x7 across the U.S.

Fly where you want, when you want, and get the full ATC experience. Every airport is always staffed.

Have it all

Flight followings, traffic advisories, real-world ATIS, controller handoffs, VFR transition routes, CRAFT-based clearances, Class-Bravo and Class-Charlie procedures, and more! You'll experience the nuance of real-world procedures at your favorite airports!

Enhanced Audio Effects

Static, squelch-tails, ground-loop interference, and a sense of "distance" (far away stations are harder to hear over the static). The feeling that you're really talking on a radio leaves everyone else in the dust!

VFR and General Aviation

We're focussed on bringing a highly realistic ATC experience to GA pilots in the VFR world! (GA IFR coming early next year).